Mother’s song

The village of Voknavolok situates 50 kilometers north of Kostomuksha, Russia. For some, the journey there takes about an hour and a half, for others, only a third of the time. Most often, the road to the village is as holey as Swizz cheese. Some drivers swiftly zigzag past the worst bumps, sparing the brakes while others are cautiously prepared to meet logging trucks. The tone of nostalgia is difficult to turn off when traveling ortalking about White Karelia. Abandoned villages live in people’s memories, folk costumes seen at community festivities and gray- boarded cottages change one by one to new houses. However, over a hundred years on, one thing has remained unchanged in the village. Unstable times have made the women strong pillars to lean on, no matter how hard the wind from Kremlin is blowing when it hits the ridge of Voknavolok.